Trackmania 2: Canyon (2011)

hoangbeat1994 October 10, 2011 174 Lượt xem
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In the eight years since it was first released, TrackMania has set the standard for online racing games with millions of players taking part worldwide. Nadeo’s innovative racer has become an all-time classic by allowing players to create hundreds of thousands of personalised tracks, share them and of course race on them – challenging other “TrackManiacs” on some of the most extreme racetracks ever seen. Today, as part of the new ManiaPlanet network gaming system, the phenomenon that is Trackmania is back from the garage with a radical overhaul including stunning new graphics, new environment, new building elements and even more intuitive gameplay! It’s the dawn of a new era in racing games that puts the player at the centre of the experience. Prepare for the wildest race of your life: TrackMania2 Canyon.
Trackmania 2: Canyon (Full ISO/Racing)

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