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Nữ Cảnh Sát Hoàng Gia

Nữ Cảnh Sát Hoàng Gia (1985)

Yes madam | Huang jia shi jie | In the Line of Duty 2

1985 Hong Kong 93 min Cantonese, English

Đạo diễn

Corey Yuen

Diễn viên

Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock, John Sham, Hoi Mang

Nội dung

Asprin (Mang Hoi) and Strepsil (John Shum), two petty thieves who inadvertently become involved in a murder case when they steal items belonging to a murdered man. The man had hidden an important microfilm in his passport, which the thieves pass onto a forger friend Panadol (Tsui Hark). Inspector Ng (Michelle Yeoh) is assigned to the case, along with Inspector Morris (Cynthia Rothrock) from Scotland Yard. The investigation leads the cops to the bumbling crooks and soon they are on Triad leader Tin’s (James Tien) tail, he will stop at nothing to get the incriminating film back and with his hitman and bodyguard (Dick Wei) at his side, he proves too much for the inspectors to catch using legal means, in frustration they give up their badges and go after Tin alone.

Hình ảnh

Thông tin chi tiết

  • IMDB Code: 0093229
  • Director: Corey Yuen
  • Actors: Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock, John Sham, Hoi Mang
  • Writer: James Clouse, Barry Wong
  • Year: 1985
  • IMDB rating: 6.7/10 (theo IMDb)
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Language: Cantonese, English

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