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The Day After

The Day After ()

The Day After

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Almost 40 years old, writer Bo-Young is going through a personal crisis. Writer’s block is threatening her career, she’s divorced, and her ex-husband marries another woman. Her daughter also has to contend with her mother’s bouts of depression. When Bo-Young heads off to the provinces to moderate a weekend workshop she ends up sharing a hotel room with a woman who has experienced similar problems. During a night filled with alcohol and cigarettes, the woman makes Bo-Young confront her own suppressed and unspoken needs, triggering changes in her life.

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  • Đạo diễn Hong Sang-soo
  • Kịch bản Hong Sang-soo
  • Nhà sản xuất
  • Thời lượng
  • Công ty phát hành
  • Ngôn ngữ Korean
  • Quốc gia South Korea

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